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Three Tips for Battling Ageism

Barry Kornfeld

A financial advisor who co-founded First Financial Tax Group, based in Boca Raton, Florida, Barry M. Kornfeld works with conservative clients to help them find secure fixed income alternatives. Further, Barry Kornfeld has a deep interest in the subject of aging and the psychology surrounding it.

One of the key issues that many seniors experience is ageism, a form of prejudice. Here are some tips for combating this type of discrimination.

1. Avoid learned helplessness, which is a condition whereby people become accustomed to the idea that something won’t happen or they can’t do certain things. Do what you can to remain independent.

2. Be wary of using language that promotes the concept of ageism. For example, the phrase “back in my day” can not only result in negative responses from others, but it also implies that you believe you have moved past your prime and this is no longer “your day.”

3. Don’t participate in ageism, as it is a two-way street. Many seniors will criticize younger people for various reasons, which only promotes the entire phenomenon. Treat others with the respect they deserve, and you will generally find that you receive the same treatment in response.

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