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Theories on the Psychology of Aging

Barry Kornfeld

Barry Kornfeld focuses his career on providing clients with fixed income alternatives. As a financial advisor, he informs his clients of the advantages of First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes. Apart from his interest in finance, Barry Kornfeld enjoys reading about the psychology of aging.

There have been several critical theoretical developments in the study of the psychology of aging, which is divided into three distinct periods. These periods are the Classical, the Modern, and the New period.

One of the most popular theories from the Classical period was developed by Robert J. Havighurst. Called the Developmental Tasks/Activity Theory, this concept simply postulates that the success or failure of developmental tasks, which one experiences at different life periods, affects a person’s happiness. A notable theory from the Modern period on Behavioral Genetics and Aging studies how hereditary factors affect changes caused by aging. And Lars Tornstam’s New theory on Gerotranscendence suggests that aging leads a person to shift perspectives, from a materialistic to a more transcendent vision over the arc of one’s life.


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