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The Importance of Linking Spending Levels to Portfolio Performance

Barry Kornfeld

Barry M. Kornfeld is a Boca Raton, Florida, financial advisor who works with today’s conservative clientele in devising loss-averse wealth allocation strategies. At the core of Barry M. Kornfeld’s offerings are First Position Commercial Mortgages (FPCM's), which stand as safer alternatives that generate 6% interest with only a 1-year term and can be strategically utilized within a diversified portfolio.

Mitigating risk as one moves toward retirement begins with spending conservatively. Outliving assets is a real concern for many, particularly as Baby Boomers live extended lives of health and independence. A volatile investment portfolio may provide more gains potential, but a market decline can have a major impact.
This risk is lessened when spending is sensible, given expected returns. At the same time, it makes sense to maintain spending flexibility and reduce spending during periods when the portfolio experiences a downturn. As necessary, consult with your financial advisor on ways of reallocating assets into bonds and other less shaky holdings.

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