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The Benefits of First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes (FCPMs)

A financial advisor at First Financial Tax Group, Barry Kornfeld works with clients who are retired or approaching retirement, helping them find growth alternatives and safer sources of income. One alternative provided by Barry Kornfeld is First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes (FCPMs), which offer a number of benefits over more traditional asset-management products.

Risk reduction is the core of FCPMs. Secured by commercial real estate, they are bridge loans that last for 12 months, offering 6 percent annual percentage yield (APY). Interest is paid to lenders on a monthly basis. This creates a stable and reliable income stream, helping people diversify their portfolios with as little risk as possible.

Clients also receive their principal payment, which is set at a relatively low minimum of $25,000, once the 12-month term has been completed. The simplicity of FCPMs make them ideal for retirees seeking fixed-income alternatives that offer both security and flexibility. They can be integrated into trusts, IRAs, and single and joint accounts.

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