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The Benefits of a Monthly Income Stream in Retirement

Barry M. Kornfeld is the co-owner of First Financial Tax Group, a financial advisory firm with a focus on pre- and post-retirement planning. Barry Kornfeld also has over fifty years of combined experience with his wife of 29 years, who is also a financial advisor at First Financial Tax Group. In addition to helping to plan a comprehensive financial strategy for clients, Mr. Kornfeld specializes in First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes (FPCM), which offer a monthly income stream to clients who often use them as part of their retirement income plan.

A secure monthly income stream is an important component of a comfortable retirement plan. Many factors affect whether or not to supplement a retirement plan with additional monthly income streams, including an individual budget and monthly obligations.

FPMCs currently offer a 6% yield over a one year term that pays out interest only on a monthly basis. Monthly income streams such as this can be a benefit to individuals who would like the structure of a set monthly income amount without having to manage the money themselves or pay management fees to do so.


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