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The Basics of Co-Lending Opportunities

Barry Kornfeld

As principal at First Financial Tax Group, Barry M. Kornfeld works alongside his wife and business partner, Ferne Kornfeld, to assist individuals in preparing for a financially comfortable retirement. Operating out of Boca Raton, Florida, Barry Kornfeld and First Financial Tax Group offer specific expertise in the area of Co-Lending Opportunities, a unique financial product for individuals seeking consistent, short-term income.

A major goal of retirement planning is to establish a safe, consistent source of income that will help you enjoy a stable retirement. At times, retirees may find themselves in search of extra income, whether to cover unexpected costs or to work toward new financial goals. Co-Lending Opportunities are quickly emerging as a popular way for retirees to achieve these objectives.

Also known as secured bridge loans or first position commercial mortgage notes (FPCMs), Co-Lending Opportunities (CLOs) provide individuals with a relatively low-risk strategy to temporarily increase their monthly income. As real estate notes secured by high-value commercial properties, CLOs offer high-grade security and reliability compared to similar fixed-income products. After lending an initial principal amount of over $25,000, retirees receive regular monthly interest payments at a rate of 6 percent for 12 months. After this period, the term reaches maturity, and clients either receive their principal back, or may elect to renew for another term depending on their needs and the going rates available.
In addition to their security and simplicity, Co-Lending Opportunities are extremely flexible. Clients may hold them in IRA accounts or trusts, as well as single, joint, and corporate or LLC names, making them an attractive option for a variety of scenarios.

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