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American University's Alumni Auditing Program

Barry Kornfeld

A financial advisor and the principal of First Financial Tax Group, Barry M. Kornfeld focuses on helping people in the pre- and post-retirement phases of life find the safer income and growth alternatives that best suit their needs. Prior to working with First Financial Tax Group, Barry Kornfeld attended American University in Washington, DC, where he studied finance and accounting.

Alumni of American University have many opportunities to stay involved with their alma mater after graduation. The university also provides former students who join its official alumni association with several useful perks. Among these perks is the ability to audit one course every semester for a nominal $150 fee, of which $125 is invested into a scholarship fund for current AU students.

Though no credit is earned, alumni who audit a course are able to further enrich their knowledge in subjects that interest them. The guidelines for auditing a course at American University require alumni to choose standard classes that are worth at least 3 credit hours and are taught at American University (rather than through a consortium at another institution). It is recommended that any alumni who wish to audit a class contact the professor for approval prior to the class’s start date.

Auditing a class is a great way to earn experience in educational areas that an alumnus may not have had access to as an undergraduate. Though an alumnus who audits a class at American University does not receive credits or have his or her attendance in the class noted on transcripts, it can provide curious minds with an opportunity to explore scholastic subjects of interest at a higher level for an affordable price.


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