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A Quick Look at FPCMs as Part of Your Retirement Planning

Barry M. Kornfeld, a financial advisor and principal at First Financial Tax Group in Boca Raton, Florida, studied finance and accounting at American University in Washington, DC. In his position at First Financial Tax Group, Barry Kornfeld works with clients on a variety of retirement planning strategies.

First Position Commercial Mortgage (FPCM) Notes are relatively low-risk alternative assets used by many retirees to elevate the safety of their financial profile while generating increased income, starting at 6 percent annually, and is paid out monthly. The FPCM program can be integrated into an existing plan without sacrificing long-term strategies or immediate flexibility, leaving clients open to pursuing future opportunities.
Benefits of FPCMs include the safety provided by valuable commercial real estate that secures each note. FPCMs can also be titled in a single, joint, trust, or IRA account. To learn more about using FPCMs as part of a retirement plan, visit

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